Residents evacuated from knee-deep floodwaters at Chapel Hill apartment complex known for frequent flooding

Seven residents were evacuated from a Chapel Hill apartment complex after severe storms caused the apartments to flood.

Residents were knee-deep in floodwaters Tuesday night at the Camelot Village apartment complex off Estes Drive.

This is an area that frequently sees flooding because of a creek in the middle of the complex.

WRAL News got video from inside from a woman who lives in a ground floor apartment that showed how bad the flooding was inside.

We also got a look at the inside of an apartment where the damage was much worse. You could see a bedroom and items submerged in water.

“I don’t want to ever go through that again, never in my life,” said Vanessa Byrd, a resident. “Something needs to be done about that.

It’s hard to find places to live. The rent is so high, and this is the best that I could do as far as my funds.” – Local News