100 Days in: Wake superintendent aims for national excellence

‘Achieving national excellence’ is the goal of the Wake Schools superintendent for the state’s largest school district.

Thursday night, hundreds of parents, staff, and students attended a presentation from Dr. Robert Taylor, who just completed his first 100 days on the job.

Educators say a vibrant display of school spirit is essential for fostering a positive learning environment.

“We want to make sure that everybody has what they need to be successful,” Robert Taylor, Superintendent, WCPSS said.

For his first 100 days as new superintendent in Wake County, Dr. Robert Taylor has been listening, learning, and connecting with students, staff, and parents.

He spoke before hundreds highlighting what works well in the school district and what he calls ‘next-level opportunities.

“The biggest thing is making sure we have equitable distribution of resources absolutely what I’ve heard from parents, teachers, people across the district,” Robert Taylor, Superintendent, WCPSS, said.

In the community report, Taylor says the district does an excellent job focusing on the needs of students.

He also notes how committed the community values strong public schools.

Parents like Eriq Partin wants the district to increase pay for educators and staff.

“I think that would definitely help keep people on board and having some kind of consistency,” Partin said.

One of Taylor’s goals is expanding efforts to retain employees.

Nina Franklin, a Wake County parent,  noted another area of improvement: providing a safe, inclusive learning environment.

“Schools have a huge undertaking to ensure the safety of all students, for all grades, for all scenarios, for all building types,” said Nina Franklin, a Wake School parent. “For all families and it’s a lot. It is a priority.”

One of many priorities School leaders say can be achieved through community involvement and partnership.

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